Vote Kevin Wiley For DuPage County Board District 6 on March 20

Fiscally conservative and committed to serving you

Kevin Wiley, DuPage County Board - Proven, Principled Leadership

Proven, Principled Leader

• Colonel in the United States Army Reserve.
• Chairman of the Technology Committee.
• Former Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee.
• Program Management Professional and Consultant supporting a variety of industries to include: technology, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical.

DuPage County Is Stronger Because We Are…

Reducing Taxes
• Cut the overall budget by $40 million while keeping the County’s property tax levy flat.

Creating Economic Growth
• DuPage County’s unemployment rate is 3.9%. the lowest unemployment rate in the region.

Improving Efficiency
• Rewrote the county strategic Plan and approved Lean Six Sigma Programs saving over $30 million dollars.

Addressing the County’s Needs
• Complete major transportation improvement projects to improve accessibility and provide congestion relief.

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