Kevin Wiley Endorsement from Chris Randle (VIDEO)

“Kevin Wiley is the finest commander I’ve ever worked for.”

From those who know Kevin Wiley best: Chris Randle – A soldiers perspective:

“Hello, voters of DuPage County.

My name is Chris Randle and I’m a veteran of two combat deployments.

Today, I’m speaking with you about the tougheset and best commander I’ve ever had, Kevin Wiley.

He’s running for DuPage County District Six County Board.

I’ve been in some tough situations in my life and served with some of the finest Americans in our nation, and I can confidently say today Kevin Wiley was the finest commander I’ve ever worked for.

In an army of great leaders, he was “primus inter pares”, first among equals.

Please vote for my friend and commander Kevin Wiley for DuPage County District Six.”

*Ad paid for by Wiley for DuPage County


Read this profile of Kevin Wiley and learn about his priorities and why Kevin Wiley is endorsed by the Daily Herald.

Re-elect Kevin Wiley for experienced leadership that will help provide continued economic growth and a solid business environment that benefits our communities with diverse industries, employers, and opportunities four DuPage County.


Re-Elect Kevin Wiley

District 6, DuPage County Board

To request a yard sign or to get involved with the campaign, call (630) 886-9608

To learn more about Kevin Wiley and his personal and civic experience, click here.


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