I Thank You and Ask For Your Vote

Thank you for your support - I ask for your vote.

I want to thank the constituents of DuPage County Board District 6 for giving me the opportunity to serve you these last four years.

During that time I have delivered what I promised:

  1. Public Pension – I turned down the public Pension 4-years ago and it has been subsequently eliminated for any future County Board Members.
  2. Taxes – I voted to keep your property tax levy flat every year since taking office.
  3. Budget – I have voted to reduce your budget my millions.
  4. Efficient Government – I led efforts to rewrite the County’s Strategic Plan and the launch of the Lean Six Sigma training and initiatives which have improved our services and saved millions.
  5. Transportation – pushed for transportation projects that improved safety, accessibility, and provided congestion relief.
  6. Animal Services – Voted to support the much-needed Kennel renovations and joined efforts to strengthen our Public/Private partnership with the DuPage Animal Services Foundation.

I now ask for your vote for a second term to continue our efforts for a leaner and more efficient DuPage County Government that are addressing the needs of our community.

Re-Elect Kevin Wiley - Endorsed by Daily Herald

You can learn more about Kevin Wiley from his Daily Herald Candidate Profile


Daily Herald Editorial Board Endorsement

Re-elect Kevin Wiley for experienced leadership that will help provide continued economic growth and a solid business environment that benefits our communities with diverse industries, employers, and opportunities four DuPage County.


Re-Elect Kevin Wiley

District 6, DuPage County Board

To request a yard sign or to get involved with the campaign, call (630) 886-9608

To learn more about Kevin Wiley and his personal and civic experience, click here.



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